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Award winning screenwriter, Ramona Leigh Taylor, hails from a  small farm just South of Atlanta, Georgia. Pushed by the "greens and grits mafia" (aka her Southern family), Ramona escaped the farm and has settled in Virginia following her years at Duke University! Her typical new-found urban life brought lots of lemons which inspired her to create her own brand of lemonade - films and screenplays.

Over the past two decades, Ramona’s screenplays and teleplays have won or placed in over 50 competitions. Her produced work includes her first feature work for hire, Camp DOA, which was produced by Birmingham-based Magic City Films and more than 70 film projects, including multi-award winning Bruehm’s Closet, Looking Up, Days of Togetherness, Sacred Vow, and Compassionate Release. She has over 700 video projects to her credit, including Until Caleb, My River Bridge, and Resounding: Women Waymakers of American Suffrage, which have earned her awards and recognition and opportunities. Also known within the industry as a script supervisor, Ramona has worked on shows, such as Walking Dead: World Beyond, Turn, and ABC/Disney/Amazon’s Point of Honor, feature films, short films, and commercials.

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